Fave Money T&C

Pine Labs Private Limited (“ Pine Labs”) has been granted an authorization to issue Prepaid Payment Instruments by the Reserve Bank of India (“ RBI”). This document sets out the Terms and Conditions (“ T&C”) applicable to the Fave Money Prepaid Payment Instrument (❛ Wallet❜, ❛ PPI❜) issued by Pine Labs.

These T&Cs may be updated from time to time at the sole discretion of Pine Labs. The Wallet are issued as reloadable Full KYC PPI or Small KYC PPI, and will operate in accordance with the Master Direction on Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) dated August 27, 2021 (❛Master Directions – PPI❜), as amended from time to time.

The following terms and conditions are applicable to the person accepting these Terms & Conditions, including via use of the Wallet (“ Wallet Holder ”) upon opting for the Wallet from Pine Labs :

  1. The Wallet shall be valid for a period of 10 (Ten) years from the date of issuance. The validity of the Wallet may be extended upon request from the Wallet Holder and maybe subject to additional fees at the sole discretion of Pine Labs
  2. The Wallet can be used at Fave App against eligible purchase. Full KYC users can also use the wallet on UPI network.
  3. The Wallet cannot be resold, transferred for value or redeemed/exchanged for its value in cash by the Wallet Holder .
  4. Only one Wallet will be issued per Wallet Holder under this program, identified by unique mobile number.
  5. This Wallet will be issued by Pine Labs on request of the Wallet Holder..The Wallet Holder needs to agree  to these T&C (as maybe updated from time to time) and needs to  successfully fulfill the eligibility and Know Your Customer (“ KYC”) criteria as defined by Reserve Bank of India for full KYC PPIs and Small PPI. Wallet Holder agrees and acknowledges that Wallet Holder has read and understood the contents of these T&C and Wallet Holder shall use the Wallet in strict compliance with these T&C.
  6. The Wallet Holder hereby acknowledges and agrees that if there are no transactions for a period of one (1) year on the Wallet, subject to validity of the Wallet, the Wallet shall be made inactive by Pine Labs by sending a notice to the Wallet Holder. Such deactivated Wallets maybe reactivated only after validation and due diligence.
  7. Full KYC Wallet features:
    1. The amount outstanding in a Wallet at any point of time shall not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two lakhs Only). Subject to applicable RBI guidelines, Pine Labs may set a periodic transaction limit to the Wallet at its sole discretion. This limit is applicable at the user level and is across all the programs issued by Pine Labs.
    2. Wallet Holders will have an option to link their Wallet to the UPI network through the interoperability provided by Pine Labs.

Small KYC Wallet features:

  1. The amount loaded per Wallet during any month shall not exceed Rs.10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) and the total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed Rs.1,20,000 (Rupees One Lakh and Twenty Thousand). The amount outstanding per Wallet at any point of time shall not exceed Rs.10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand). This limit is applicable at the user level and is across all the programs issued by Pine Labs.
  1. The Wallet can be closed or cancelled at any time and the balance funds available in the Wallet can be transferred ‘back to source’ (payment source from where the PPI was loaded) at the time of closure. The Wallet Holder should write to care@myfave.in to understand the refund process.
  2. If the Wallet Holder information provided by the Wallet Holder is found to be incorrect at any time, the wallet in question is liable to be cancelled and the entire amount forfeited, and no claims in respect thereof will be entertained by Pine Labs.


  1. The Wallet Holder shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pine Labs from and against any and all third party liability, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of the breach of these T&C, the negligence or wilful misconduct or fraud by the Wallet Holder, or its agents.
  3. The Wallet Holder shall inform Pine Labs, by contacting the customer care at support@pineperks.in  within 10 (Ten) days of occurrence of any transaction, if any irregularities or discrepancies exist in such transaction or if such Wallet Holder has any query or complaint in relation to the transaction including for any unauthorised transaction. If Pine Labs does not receive any information to the contrary within 10 (Ten) days of occurrence of any Wallet transaction, it shall be entitled to assume and proceed on the basis that the relevant Wallet transaction(s) was effected without any irregularity/ discrepancy. Subject to the foregoing, all such transactions as aforesaid shall be dealt with in accordance with the Customer Grievance Redressal Policy of Pine Labs, which can be accessed at https://www.pineperks.in/grievancePolicy. Wallet Holder can reach out to Pine Labs via email at support@pineperks.inor by contacting at 080-69806393 for any complaints and escalation as per its grievance redressal policy.
  4. All fees, surcharges, goods and applicable taxes with respect to Wallet shall be borne by the Wallet Holder. Pine Labs shall have no liability towards the same. There may be surcharge applicable on certain Wallet transactions. In such an event, the same will be deducted from the Wallet balance available in the Wallet at the time of transaction. In case the Wallet balance is not sufficient to provide for the surcharge, the transaction shall be declined.
  5. Wallet Holder can check the available balance of Wallet by logging in on the Fave mobile application.
  6. Any dispute in relation to the Wallet shall be referred to Pine Labs and the decision of Pine Labs shall be final in this regard. Any disputes and claims in relation to the card shall be subject to the laws of India and the jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi only.
  7. For detailed terms and conditions, please visit pineperks.in/termsConditions



In this Agreement, except where the context otherwise requires, capitalized words and expressions shall have the meanings set out in that section and the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

1. “Approved QR Code”
shall mean the QR codes which have been approved by the Merchants for processing and redeeming such cashbacks as available to the Customers
means user who transacts using Fave app to purchase Goods & Services at Merchant Outlets;

We collect or receive information you provide when you apply, use or sign up for/on a Pine Labs PoS or other Services  , go through our identity or account verification process, authenticate into your account, communicate with us, answer our surveys, upload content, or otherwise use the Services.

We collect or receive information about you when you use our Pos and/or Services, including:

  1. Identification Information. Your name; email address; mailing address; mobile/phone number; photograph; birthdate ; passport, driver’s license, PAN, or other government-issued identification; or other historical, contact, and demographic information when you apply, use or sign up for a Pine Labs PoS and/or other Services, signature, and authentication credentials (for example, information you use to login to your account), including IP address.  
  2. Financial Information. Information such as bank account, payment card numbers, credit reports, and other publicly available information.
  3. Tax information. PAN details.
  4. Transaction Information. When you use our PoS and/or Services to make, accept, request, or record payments, we receive information about when and where the transactions occur, the names of the transacting parties, a description of the transactions, the payment or transfer amounts, billing and shipping information, and the devices and payment methods used to complete the transactions.
  5. Other Information You Provide. Information that you voluntarily provide to us, including any survey responses; participation in contests, promotions, or other prospective seller marketing forms or devices; suggestions for improvements; referrals; or any other actions performed on the Services.
shall mean the instruction of or mandate set up through E-Mandate/ E-NACH/ NACH/cheque or any other instrument by whatever name called by the Merchant, in favour of the account of Pine Labs Pvt. Ltd. and as per Frequency and amount as stated in the direct debit mandate form as provided by Pine Labs;
shall mean the direct debit form issued and varied by Pine Labs or our payment and collection agent, in our absolute discretion, from time to time setting out your consent to Direct debits, and those procedures and operating instructions you and Pine Labs will follow in connection with debiting your account in accordance with this Agreement;
is an app that allows Customers to pay via UPI and earn Merchant cashbacks. It enables Merchants to issue cashbacks, instant discounts, gift cards etc. to their Customers.
shall mean the effective date of the Direct debit mandate form which it starts to run on the account of the MERCHANT;
shall mean the date on which the Direct debit mandate shall be processed by Pine Labs;
shall mean the pre-determined periodicity on monthly or other basis as communicated by the Pine Labs to MERCHANT in respect of the Direct debit Mandate;
hall mean any product, service or commodity for retail sale at the Merchant Outlet, but shall not in any event include any goods or services as available on https://www.pinelabs.com/terms-of-use;
shall mean various brand shops, dealers and multi-brand outlets where Goods and services are sold to Customer;
shall mean the purchase order exchanged between the Merchant and Pine Labs for providing the Services under this Agreement;
shall mean but not be limited to payment/cashback service through Fave App and such other value added services, as provided to the Merchant now or in the future by Pine Labs via e-mail or any other mutually accepted mode of communication;


The term of this Agreement shall be valid unless terminated in accordance with the provisions agreed herein.
The Parties acknowledge that MERCHANT is desirous of rewarding merchant cashback to the Customers using Fave app to pay for the Goods and services sold at the Merchant Outlets. These rewards are in the form of cashbacks, terms for cashback offers will be as agreed between Parties via the Purchase Order. Pine Labs may from time to time, provide additional offers on transaction made using Fave app (including but not limited to vouchers or cashback or instant discount).
3.1 It is agreed that MERCHANT’s obligations under this Agreement, shall include but are not be limited to the following:

i) To abide by the terms of this Agreement and the relevant Purchase Order issued by Pine Labs;

ii) Merchant is solely responsible for providing the Merchant Goods and services including but not limited to, the supply or delivery of the Goods and services, Customer service, after-sales-service and return management.

iii) Merchant is solely responsible for engaging with banks/payment service providers to enable an Approved QR Code which will allow Customers to make payments using Fave App. The settlement, chargeback etc. will be the responsibility of the banks/payment service providers providing the Approved QR Code and Pine Labs shall have no role or liability towards the same. Merchant is responsible for registering / deregistering the Approved QR code on Fave App or via Relationship Manager/s – cashback will be processed on the Approved QRs only.

iv) Merchant acknowledges and provides its express consent to Pine Labs to collect, share or transfer certain personal sensitive information strictly in accordance with the applicable law and for the sole purpose of providing Services under the Agreement. Merchant shall ensure that wherever applicable for the purpose of the Agreement, it shall procure similar consent from its Customers prior to sharing the Customer’s personal information with Pine Labs.

v) Merchant also acknowledges and agrees that: (a) from time to time, Pine Labs will be running certain bonus and incentive programs for Merchant’s in-store employees and staff under which bonus/incentive amounts will be transferred directly to Merchant’s staff members, as per terms of such programs; (b) it shall have no objection to such programs; and (c) it shall ensure that its employees and staff members utilize such transferred amount only for the purposes allowed under applicable laws.

Subject to the terms in this Agreement, Pine Labs agrees to:

a. Provide MERCHANT with access to standardized reports regarding transactions, Cashback & Customers using the Fave app and as per applicable law;

b. Provision of any additional service, over and above the Services rendered by Pine Labs under this Agreement shall be mutually discussed and agreed in writing by the Parties.

c. Pine Labs collects cashback from MERCHANT as a pass through for forwarding it to Customer’s banks (“Issuer Bank(s)”) on an as is basis. MERCHANT further agrees that Pine Labs will have no control or role over the invoicing or treatment of such cashback amount by Issuer Bank.

d. Any such cashback Pine Labs is unable to transfer to Issuer Bank(s) will be transferred back to the Merchant.

a) Pine Labs shall be entitled to payment of fee and to collection of cashback amount as per terms set out in the Purchase Order (“Fees”)/(“Cashback Collection”).

b) Pine Labs has the below payment options available for the Merchant to make payment of the Fees & Cashback Collection. The option applicable to a Merchant will be as agreed via the Purchase Order:

  1. Deduct from Payout – In the event a Merchant has enabled Pine Labs QR as an Approved QR Code at the Merchant Outlet to receive payments from Customers, Merchant agrees  and allows Pine Labs to deduct from the payment obtained under PL QR the Fees, Cashback Collection, any other charges/taxes payable for the Services provided by Pine Labs under this Agreement and thereafter remit the balance to the Merchant.  The Merchant agrees to comply with the terms applicable for aggregator settlement as provided by Pine Labs.
  2. Direct Debit – Fees and Cashback Collection will be debited via the Direct Debit Mandate provided by the Merchant in favour of Pine Labs.
  3. NEFT transfer – Merchant will transfer the Fees and Cashback Collection amount into the Pine Labs bank account as detailed in the Purchase Order.

c) Any payment made by Pine Labs to the Merchant shall be without prejudice to any claims or rights which Pine Labs may have against the Merchant.

d) Default Interest: If any of the Fees, Cashback Collection,  or other sums payable under this Agreement shall not be paid when due, the Merchant shall pay to Pine labs interest on them calculated on a daily basis and compounded quarterly from the due date until payment at the rate of 2% per month.

e) Timely payments of invoices raised by Pine Labs is a pre-condition to ensure continuity of Services. All fee and charges are due and payable by Merchant in full within thirty (30) days from the invoice date or as otherwise stated anywhere in the Agreement.

f) Bounce charges of Rs 500 per instance would be charged if applicable.

g) Deactivation notice of minimum 60 days to be given by Merchant to Pine labs.

a) Pine Labs shall account for the amount of GST for which it is liable, under the laws applicable to this Agreement. The Merchant shall account for the amount of GST for which it is liable, under the laws applicable to this Agreement. If applicable GST laws change such that Pine Labs becomes liable to account for GST which was previously liable to be accounted for (or was scheduled to be so liable to be accounted for by) to the Merchant, the Merchant agrees that Pine Labs may unilaterally vary the financial provisions of this Agreement to produce the result which would have been achieved had the change in GST laws not occurred.

b) Pine Labs shall send an invoice, where applicable to the Merchant on its Fee in compliance with applicable law.

c) In case Pine Labs does not receive GST details with the Purchase Order, it will be assumed that Merchant is not registered under GST and Pine Labs will raise an invoice accordingly. For the details received at a later date impact will be taken from the next billing cycle only.

d) Any addition/ modification in the aforesaid list of GSTINs, can by made by way of an addendum or written communication to Pine Labs, however, the addition/ modification in GSTINs will be applicable prospectively. Therefore, any invoice issued prior to addition/ modification shall not be amended to capture the new/modified GSTINs

e) The Merchant shall provide Customer with an invoice in compliance with applicable law.

f) For determining the GST liability to be charged from Merchant on Pine Labs invoice, the State in which Pine Labs services are consumed is of prime importance, in case no GST registration details are provided to Pine Labs for such state, Pine Labs will raise invoices as per the GST details provided by Merchant.

g) Pine Labs is rendering all our services from Noida, so the place of invoicing will be from Noida, Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) and thus GST Liability (IGST, CGST/SGST, UTGST) will be decided from U.P, India.

h) Merchant are advised to verify the correctness of invoice with regard to amount charged to them and GSTIN detail printed on invoice. In case of any correction Merchant has to inform at plutus.support@pinelabs.com with in 15days from the date of invoice

i) Merchant shall be responsible to reconcile the details as stated on the invoice raised by Pine Labs with the details appearing in auto-populated GSTR 2A of on the GSTN portal. In case of any mismatch, Merchant should communicate such mismatch to Pine Labs within one months from the date of invoice. In the absence of such communication, Pine Labs shall not be held responsible or liable to compensate for the credit loss or any interest or penalty or any other cost payable, by the Merchant, on account of such mismatch.

Pine Labs may at any time with notice set off and apply any or all sums due and payable to Pine Labs by Merchant under this Agreement, or under some other agreement, and/or any or all sums of money held in accounts with Pine Labs under this Agreement or any other agreement, or any security deposit or direct debit mandate (as provided by Merchant) against:

a. any or all actual sums due and payable by Merchant  to Pine Labs under this Agreement; and/or

b. the amount of any liability incurred by Merchant to Pine Labs under this Agreement.

Merchant agrees to provide reasonable support and execute required documents for set-off such amount by Pine Labs.

8.1 Each Party will, at all times, maintain confidentiality regarding the contents of this Agreement and any information that it receives, in any manner or form whatsoever, from the other Party (“Disclosing Party”), including business, technical or financial information, and any other material information that would be understood by the receiving Party, exercising reasonable business judgment, to be confidential.

8.2 For the purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential Information” includes all information designated as “confidential” or “proprietary” or which a party should reasonably know to treat as confidential relating to the trade secrets, operations, processes, plans, intentions, product information, know-how, desigs, market opportunities, transactions, affairs and/or business of any Party actually disclosed or provided to the other Party.

8.3 For purposes of this Agreement, the term “Confidential Information” shall not include (i) information already known or independently developed by the recipient without the use of any confidential and proprietary information, or (ii) information known to the public through no wrongful act of the recipient.

8.4 This clause shall continue in force despite the expiry or termination of the Agreement, whatever the reason for termination.
9.1 Parties agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless each other’s, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively, the “Indemnified Persons”), from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, damages, amounts paid in settlement and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees and reasonable disbursements at actual) (collectively, “Loss”) asserted against or incurred by the Indemnified Persons, to the extent directly suffered (excluding consequential or special losses), as a result of, arising from, or in connection with, or any breach or inaccuracy of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement made or failure to perform (whether in whole or part) any obligation required to be performed by them under this Agreement or non-observance / non-compliance of any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

9.2 Merchant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pine Labs, its affiliates, directors, officers, representatives, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, Loss due to any claim by a Fave user/Customer or anyone else arising out of or in connection with the Merchant offering (or any goods and/or services actually or purportedly offered in respect of or in connection to a cashback/any other offer/discount or any other goods and/or services offered by the Merchant, including, but not limited to, claims for personal injury, death, or property damages.

9.3 In no event will either Party be liable to the other Party for any loss of profits, loss of data, or for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages.

9.4 Pine Labs’ liability, if any arising from this Agreement, shall be limited to pro-rata Fees which becomes payable by MERCHANT to Pine Labs for the month when the claim arises.

A. Termination

10.1 Either Party reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason by giving two (2) month’s written notice to the other Party. Parties agree that expiration or termination of this Agreement by Pine Labs will not relieve MERCHANT of any obligation accruing prior to such expiration or termination.

10.2 Parties shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with thirty (30) days written notice in case of any material breach of the Agreement and if the same is not cured within the notice period. In all events of termination, MERCHANT shall pay to Pine Labs all outstanding amounts, if any, and the said payment shall remain the continuing obligation of MERCHANT till all matters connected therewith are settled.

B. Consequences of expiry or termination

All amounts payable under this Agreement by MERCHANT including but not limited to the Fees and Cashback Collection, shall become due and shall be settled within 5 days from termination. Termination of this Agreement in accordance with its terms shall not affect the accrued rights or liabilities of the Parties at the date of termination and shall have no effect on:

(i) the transactions already transacted prior to termination;

(ii) the Merchant’s obligations to provide the Merchant offering in respect of such transaction.

Both the Parties shall resolve all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement amicably by mutual negotiation. In case no settlement is reached within thirty (30) days of one Party’s receipt of a written notice of dispute from the other Party, all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall then be referred to institutional online arbitration, in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, with its statutory amendment, modifications, enactments or re-enactments thereto and rules of such institution. The place of arbitration shall be New Delhi and the language to be used in the proceeding shall be English. The Parties agree that the arbitration award shall be binding on them and that the arbitral award shall be the sole and exclusive remedy regarding any claims, counterclaims or issues presented to the arbitrators.
Both Parties represents that:
a) they have all requisite power and authority to execute, deliver and perform its obligations under this Agreement and has been fully authorized by all requisite corporate actions to do so;

b) they hold and shall continue to hold all necessary statutory and regulatory permissions, approvals and permits for the running and operation of its establishment for the conduct of its business, and for compliance with this Agreement;

c) they shall comply at all times, with all laws, industry codes, applicable standards or other regulations or directions issued under the Applicable Law;

Merchant represents that :
a) it shall inform Pine Labs in writing immediately of any changes that could affect this Agreement;

b) all information provided by the Merchant and set out in this Agreement is accurate, complete and correct;
  1. MERCHANT agrees all intellectual property in Fave App and services belongs to Pine Labs.
  2. The MERCHANT represents that they own all rights in their name, logo and/or trademark and hereby authorize Pine Labs to use the same in any promotional, marketing and/or publicity activities/material in any published, broadcast or electronic forum, and in any medium of advertising, publicity or trade or deploy any marketing material at Merchant Outlets.
  3. MERCHANT acknowledges and provides its express consent to Pine Labs to collect, share or transfer certain personal sensitive information strictly in accordance with the applicable law and for the sole purpose of providing services under the Agreement.
  4. MERCHANT shall ensure that wherever applicable for the purpose of the Agreement, it shall procure similar consent from its end customer prior to sharing any such end customer personal information with Pine Labs.
  5. MERCHANT shall ensure that it has adequate measures in place for security and privacy of customer data and that the MERCHANT is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) compliant. Pine Labs/its external agencies/regulatory bodies shall have the right to review the MERCHANT’s security process and controls from time to time and MERCHANT shall promptly notify Pine Labs in the event of any security breach incidents.
  6. MERCHANT understands that Pine Labs services offers/may offer various value-added services including but not limited to analytics, gift cards, loan/EMI facility etc. Commercials and terms for any additional payment mode/mechanism or value-added services offered by Pine Labs, will be informed to the Merchant via an email to his/her registered Email ID, provided above or at the time of onboarding. An opt out feature will be provided for all such payment mode/mechanism or value-added services. The Merchant can also connect with customer service at +91 120-4033600 / 1800-258-6609, plutus.support@pinelabs.com (Mon to Sun: 10 am – 12 midnight (IST)), and discontinue any payment mode/mechanism or value-added services. Terms of Use as provided on https://www.pinelabs.com/terms-of-use and updated from time to time shall apply.
  7. The obligations and rights regarding any data collected, stored, processed etc shall be as per Privacy Policy of Pine Labs on https://www.pinelabs.com/privacy-policy, as updated from time to time.
  8. This Agreement is entered on principal basis.
  9. All notices must be given at the principal place of address of Pine Labs as mentioned above.
  10. No waiver, by either party, of any provision of this Agreement shall, in any event, become effective unless the same shall be in writing.
  11. If any provision of this Agreement shall be found to be invalid or unenforceable, the invalidity or un-enforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement.
  12. This Agreement or rights and obligations herein cannot be assigned without express written approval of Pine Labs.
  13. If either party’s performance of any part of this Agreement, except for the payment of money owed when due under this Agreement, is prevented or delayed by a Force Majeure Event, that party will be excused from such performance to the extent it is necessarily prevented or delayed thereby.  “Force Majeure Event” means an event beyond a party’s reasonable control, including without limitation, fire, flood, war or riot, acts of civil or military authority (including governmental priorities), severe weather, strikes or labor disputes.
  14. This Agreement will be governed under the laws of India.
  15. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have set and subscribed their hands through their respective duly authorized representatives as of the date first above written.

By Pine Labs Pvt Ltd through its authorized

Signature: ____________________

Date: _____________________

By THE MERCHANT through its authorized

Signature: ____________________

Date: _____________________

Merchant Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Cashback offered by the Merchant (“Cashback T&C”) via Fave App and forms an integral part of the Merchant Agreement (“Agreement”) entered into between Pine Labs Pvt. Ltd. (“Pine Labs”) and the Merchant whose particulars are set out in the Purchase Order (“Merchant”).

  1. Fave App is a cashless payment mechanism developed by Pine Labs Pvt. Ltd that allows the customers making purchases at the Merchant Outlets to make cashless payments at the Merchant’s Outlets via a QR code (“Customer”). Fave App also provides a value-added service of Cashback in the form of virtual points, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder (“Cashback”).
  2. The Merchant has approached Pine Labs to enable Fave App and the Cashback value added service at the Merchant outlets.
  3. By continuing to use Fave App and the value-added feature of Cashback the Merchant provides its consent to the Cashback T&Cs.
  4. The Cashback T&C shall be effective from the date on which the Merchant receives a written notification from Pine Labs informing the effective date.
  5. Cashback will be issued to eligible customers paying using Fave App for each specific Merchant at the rate as set out in the Purchase Order.
  6. The Cashback will be credited in the form of virtual points into the Customers Fave App account which will be redeemable as instant discount against the subsequent purchase by the Customer at the Merchant outlet using Fave App.
  7. Cashback can only be used at the same Merchant’s outlet(s).
  8. Cashback is not transferable from one Merchant to another.
  9. Cashback is not exchangeable for cash at any of the Merchant’s Outlet(s) nor at Pine Labs.
  10. The Cashback will be valid for a period as specified  in Purchase Order from the transaction date and will be cancelled from Customer’s Fave App account upon expiry.
  11. Pine Labs will charge a service fee (as specified in Purchase Order) for processing Cashback.  Service Fees will be deducted from the daily payment to be made to the Merchant.
  12. Unutilised expired Cashback is not exchangeable for cash. For the avoidance of doubt, cashback has monetary  value only when it is applied as a discount on subsequent purchase. Therefore, the Merchant will not have, or be entitled to claim from Pine Labs, any rights and/or interests in respect of unutilised expired cashback.
  13. The Merchant is solely responsible for providing the goods & services purchased by the Customer at the Merchant outlet, including but not limited to, delivery, customer service, after-sales-service and return management. The Merchant shall indemnify and hold Pine Labs free from any possible claims from third party or Customer regarding the Cashback or due to breach of these terms & conditions, including, but not limited to, claims of personal injury, fraud, death or property damage.
  14. Cashback T&Cs may be updated by Pine Labs from time to time.
  15. The laws of India govern the Cashback T&Cs. All disputes shall be settled within the jurisdiction of New Delhi only.
  16. The Cashback T&Cs will continue to be governed by the terms of use provided on www.pinelabs.com